Lenses & Lens Treatments

Lenses & Lens Treatments

Trivex is very lightweight, thin and impact resistant. Trivex includes a scratch protection and built in ultra violet protection.

High Index lenses are thinner and lighter than regular plastic. The higher the number, the thinner and lighter the lens. Our staff can help you choose the high index lenses that would be right for your prescription.

Progressive lenses provide a smooth transaction from focusing on nearby to focusing on distant objects because they do not have a distinct line which separates the focusing powers. Instead, a gradual change in power allows the wearer to focus on objects at all distances. Distant objects are viewed through the upper portion of the lens, while near objects are viewed through the middle or lower portion of the lens.

Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to uv rays. When the wearer goes outside, the lenses darken or tint. When the wearer goes back inside, the glasses become clear. To learn more about photochromic lenses visit www.transitions.com.

Polarized LensesPolarized lenses are the most effective way to reduce blinding glare from the sun. Polarized lenses can make a world of difference for any outdoor enthusiast. Fisherman can eliminate the bright reflections from the water and actually see into the water more easily than with other sunglasses, golfers can see the green easier, and joggers and bikers can enjoy reduced glare from the road. In addition, drivers can enjoy the safety and comfort that polarized lenses provide while driving. Only polarized lenses block blinding glare, providing both visual comfort and safety.

No Glare lenses can help to eliminate glare and reflections from your lenses. With normal glasses, much of the light reflects off the lenses. This produces glare. Light reflection is both a cosmetic and visual problem. By reducing the reflection from your lenses, you will be able to see your best. Objects look clear and crisp. These lenses are especially helpful for those viewing computer screens and driving at night. Our office uses high quality no glare lenses that have a durable scratch protection built in.

Computer Vision GlassesComputer lenses are the ultimate for computer users. The middle of the lens is set for the distance of your computer screen and the bottom is for reading or keyboard distance. Not for distance wear, walking or driving, this lens is optimized for mid-distance and near work.

To learn more about lenses and lens treatments visit www.thevisioncouncil.org

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